Welcome to the Making CommunitySense blog

Since 2004, I have been musing about the “theory and practice on evolving virtual communities” on my GrowingPains blog. Having moved out of academia I started my own company, CommunitySense in 2007. There were many reasons for this small step for mankind, giant step for me. I have now been in business for a while, and feel the need for a new blog, in which I will share the more detailed, technical, some might say boring bits and pieces of the blood, sweat and tears of making online communities really work. Whereas with GrowingPains I try to paint the bigger “what” picture, through this Making CommunitySense blog I hope to share more of the “how to-s” of making people collaborate through the Internet successfully. Besides these blogs, you may also want to have a look at the CommunitySense website and the Making CommunitySense site, which contains background documents and related information. I hope this “mini-web” will help you understand more about the fascinating world of living, breathing online communities!

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