Strategy interviews

CommunitySense now offers a new service, strategy interviews, which may be of interest to you if you are a  management level professional. Such a one-on-one  interview allows you to break away from day to day operational issues and instead to jointly reflect upon the important questions: what is the mission of my organization or department? What values are we after? What services do and should we provide? Where do I want us to be a couple of years from now, and so on.

The interview takes place in a relaxing setting and can range from a couple of hours to half a day. I will prepare a couple of questions to get the interview going, and will process and structure your answers in an interview report. This report can be used in various ways, including personal use,  internal strategy documents (a good basis for a team-building session), PR materials, your web site, and so on.

An example is the strategy interview (in Dutch) I held with Tim van der Avoird, head of the Centre for Knowledge Transfer of Tilburg University. Goal of the interview was to explore the link between science and society, as well as the strategic role that his Centre could and should play in improving this relationship.

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